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Trekking Swing DSLR Camera Strap (Black) - Great for Heavy Telephoto Lenses

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Trekking Swing DSLR Camera Strap (Black) - Great for Heavy Telephoto Lenses - TS12324

The blackSwing StrapfromTrekking provides an easy way to walk around with your camera and get it up to your eye quickly when the shot is there. The strap attaches to the camera using a metal coupling plate attached to the tripod socket but still permits you to tripod mount your camera when desired using one of the two 1/4-20 sockets provided on the underside of the plate. You don't even have to remove the camera from the strap to tripod mount it. It also can be used as a platform for tabletop shooting.

The comfortable nylon strap fits over your shoulder and across your body and features a wide shoulder pad providing additional support. If you prefer, the Swing Strap can also be worn in front of your body. The camera and lens are tethered to the strap via a short coupling strap. When you need to use your camera, just slide the camera assembly up the strap to your eye. The strap keeps your gear in shooting position. It's especially useful for use with longer lenses since it supports a fair amount of weight.


Dual 1/4-20 sockets on bottom of plate permit attaching to tripod without removing strap

Strap is lined with wicking material that keeps moisture away

Allows camera to hang in front or side of your body

Can supports a long telephoto lens

Material Nylon
Attachment Method Two 1/4-20 tripod sockets on base plate

Tether from strap to camera