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Tiffen 77mm Water White ND 1.2 (ND16) **AUTHORIZED TIFFEN USA DEALER**

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 This filter is a breakthrough in filter design with its Water White glass, highest high optical quality composition. Water White glass, using Tiffen's ColorCore technology, is characterized by a high transmission quality. Typically, it will transmit 98-99% of the light. It also features an anti-glare and anti-reflective quality that makes it useful in a wide range of uses including the movie theater industry, store and art displays. The glass is virtually defect-free and is becoming more and more prevalent in digital equipment.Neutral Density FiltersThese filters reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene. They are especially useful in bright light conditions to help prevent overexposure. Neutral Density filters also allow proper exposure at a wider lens opening for reduced depth-of-field to highlight a key subject by making the foreground and/or background out of focusEliminates overly bright, washed-out imagesBalances exposureControls depth-of-fieldAllows slower shutter speeds to produce blurred motion effects