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TETENAL 1'x14.5' ANTI STATIC LAB CLOTH ORANGE - Removes & Repels Dust & Dirt

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With special treatment to remove removes/repels dust, dirt, H2O marks Cleaning and antistatic cloths in different qualities for daily use in the lab. Our Antistatic lab polishing cloth are best to prevent electrostatic charging by films, foils and plastic surfaces. For the gentlest possible cleaning and care of optical lenses, we recommend our High Tech Optic Cloth, it is absolute fuzz-free and due to quality it satisfied highest requirements. Furthermore, Tetenal offers the fuzz-free Cleaning Cloth with no impregnation or the gentle cleaning of films. A must for any camera bag!!!! Antistatic polishing cloth Impregnated special cloth to neutralise static charges on films, foils and plastic surfaces. Should Not Be Used on Lenses Size: 11'x14.5' (27.94 x 36.83 cm), color: Orange