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Slik Pro Pod 382CFL Carbon Fiber Monopod w/ Speed Release Leg Locks 618-384

  • $ 11995

  • Aluminum-Alloy Legs, Flip Locks
  • Geared Column, Center Brace
  • Simultaneous Pan-and-Tilt Head
  • Independent Portrait Orientation
  • Rubber Feet with Twist-Out, Metal Spikes

The ultimate monopod for the backpacking photographer, or any photographer that simply has to travel as light as possible, SLIKs PRO POD 382CFL is a paradigm in travel monopods.

Made from an advanced multi-layered carbon fiber material, which is approximately 40% lighter, but just as rigid as the equivalent aluminum, the SLIK PRO POD 382CF weighs less than 1lbs ! (not including a head) It also folds down to less than 20 inches in length. . Its small size and featherweight makes it a natural on any photo backpack, you almost forget its there!

Its not just professional nature photographers that will benefit from the amazing abilities of carbon fiber, any photographer that is traveling a lot, moving from one location to the next, like on a whirlwind tour of Europe or Asia, will greatly appreciate the abilities of the PRO POD 382CFL.

NEW S.R. L (Speed Release leg Locks)

The New series of SLIK carbon fiber tripods are equipped with new proprietary Speed Release Locks for fast easy set-up and pack-up. These fast easy-to-use lever locks are spring-loaded to hold each section of the tripod legs securely but do not snap-back so there is no pitching of fingers while using them.

A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System)

All of the New SLIK PRO carbon fiber tripods feature a new A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System) designed into the leg locks. The anti-rotational systems prevent the leg tubes from rotating inside each other making it much easier to lock and release.

Maximum Height 5.34' (163 cm)

Folded Length 1.7' (52 cm)

Load Capacity 11 lb (5 kg)

Leg Sections 4

Leg Lock Type S.R.L. (Speed Release leg Locks)

Thread Size 1/4'-20

Weight 15.2oz