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Slik AF-2100 Pistol Grip Head (Quick Release) MPN: 618-210

  • $ 10995

  • Makes an excellent traveling companion for your point-and-shoot camera or light-weight Digital SLR
  • SLIKs exclusive A.M.T. super Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy legs make the SLIK Pro 340 tripod rock steady, yet lighter than it looks
  • Padded leg wraps make the tripod more comfortable to carry
  • A gearless center column and 3-position, adjustable angle leg locks allow easy set-up on uneven ground or steps
  • The adjustable angle locks combined with the separable Short Column lower the tripod to just 10 inches for low angle or macro photography

Slik's AF-2100 has a unique patented single action pistol grip.Simply squeeze the trigger, set your camera to the desired position and release the trigger; your camera is immediately locked right where you want it.The AF-2100 can be used with all makes and models of tripods that have either a 1/4'-20 or a 3/8'-16 threaded center column post.

Ingenious Panning Axis Quick Release Mechanism

Where your thumb rests upon the AF-2100 there is a lever; push the lever up and the quick release plate can rotate upon the panning axis, and pull the lever down to make the plate lock into place.In this way you're able to follow action which solely needs left/right panning adjustments without the need to constantly squeeze the pistol mechanism, which would quickly tire your hand.

Bull's Eye Style Bubble Level

At the top of the AF-2100 there is a bull's eye style single bubble level, which helps to quickly achieve a perfectly level shot with just a glance at your hand.

Base diameter of 2.0' (5.1 cm)


Maximum Camera Supported 35mm SLR

Load Capacity 10 lbs (4.53 kg)

Height 5.3' (13.5 cm)

Quick Release Yes

Spirit Level Yes

Tension Control No

Tripod Mount Thread Size 3/8'-16 (with removable 1/4'-20 adapter bushing)

Weight 1.88 lb (0.85 kg)