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Slik 6508 Arca Swiss Plate for SGH-300 Gimbal Head (618-835)

  • $ 3490

  • Compatible with SGH-300 Gimbal head
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Tool Free Mounting Design

The machined aluminum plate is 70mm (2.75in) long and includes the industry standard 1/4 20†threaded screw for mounting to film, digital cameras, and lenses. The screw is adjustable to provide accurate positioning on the lens/camera for fine-tuned balance. The durable rubber pads create a solid slip free connection between the plate and lens/camera to prevent slipping. The plate also uses a tool free mounting design so you do not need a coin or screwdriver to securely attach the plate to your lens/camera.

The QR plate 6508 is compatible with:

SGH-300 Gimbal Head

PBH-535AC ball head

PBH-635AC ball head

PBH-52LP ball head

PBH-45LP ball head