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  • Comfortably carry heavy equipment for extended periods of time with the internal control-stretch system and Lycra(R) binding
  • Includes two quick disconnects plus two Uni-Loop Connectors
  • Non-skid surface keeps the neoprene strap securely on your shoulder
  • Fully adjustable in length 26.5" to 31" (67,3cm - 78,7cm)
  • Made in the USA

The Utility Strap - Sling offers a streamlined option for carrying cameras, battery packs and much more. The neoprene, internal support foam and non-skid surface are bonded together to form a comfortable, durable strap that can make carrying extra gear a joy. The new Utility Strap - Sling offers rapid access to your camera or binoculars while maintaining the security of a strap worn across the shoulder. Using OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop connectors, your gear hangs securely at your side and will glide up and down the sling without interfering with a camera's tripod connection. Two Uni-Loop connectors (included with strap) allow for use with a pro battery pack and offer even more options for carrying gear. Comfortably carries heavy equipment with the internal controlled stretch system and Lycra binding Evenly distributes weight with it's curved neoprene pad Full non-skid surface keeps the strap on your shoulder.

  • Made in the USA

Utility Strap Sling Recommended Load: Up to 15lbs (6.8kg)

Carry Style: Shoulder, cross body

# of Connection Points: Two

Connection Type: Uni-Loops

Strap Length: Fully adjustable 26.5' - 31' (67,3cm - 78,7cm)

Pad Dimensions: 2.5' by 16' Neoprene (6,3cm - 40,6cm)

Quick Disconnects: Yes

Materials: Neoprene pad with non-skid surface and nylon webbing

Webbing Width: 1"

  • The recommended load is the weight that is most comfortably carried by a particular strap. It is not the maximum load capacity of the strap. The Utility Strap - Sling is measured from the top of the shoulder to the end of the Uni-Loop connector.