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OP/TECH USA FASHION STRAP CAMERA - NATURE (3/8' Plastic Connectors) MPN: 1610002

  • $ 1090
  • Save $ 11

  • Fits most cameras and binoculars
  • Designed for comfort and convenience
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • Quick disconnects for added versatility (not on Bino version)
  • Made in the USA

The Fashion Strap is the original neoprene strap and incorporates only the finest materials available. The neoprene is bonded on both sides with top quality material for added strength and a controlled stretch. The OP/TECH USA patented connectors add a unique finishing touch. They are easy to attach and extremely strong. The quick disconnects give the strap added versatility which is a real bonus when trying to customize the strap for different needs. The weight reduction system makes cameras and binoculars feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. The original Fashion Strap utilizes 3/8" plastic connectors (Adjustable Connectors). Available in several connection styles.