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OP/TECH USA Bino/Cam Harness - Black - Elastic Version MPN: 5301422

  • $ 2190
  • Save $ 4.05

  • Straps, pouches, and accessories to fit cameras, lenses, tripods, and electronics
  • Made in the USA
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Elastic Bino/Cam Harness fits most cameras and binoculars
  • Stabilizes gear against your body
  • Enables gear to glide up and down strap during use
  • Easy to attach with Uni-Loop quick disconnects
  • Unique design self adjusts for added comfort and offers large adjustability range to fit most individuals

A perfect solution for the outdoor enthusiast seeking a simple harness system for cameras or binoculars. TheBino/Cam Harnessself-adjusts to comfortably balance gear while in use or in the idle position against the body. The unique loop attachment system enables the harness to quickly snap in place using our Uni-Loop quick disconnects (included with harness). Its simple design and great price are sure to win approval!TheBino/Cam Harnessis available in either a webbing or elastic version. The webbing version is non-stretch. The elastic version allows your camera or binoculars to be held tighter against the body in the idle position and stretches so the camera or binoculars can be comfortably brought up to the eyes for use.Looking for a camera strap that will work with theBino/Cam Harness? We recommend the Op/Tech Super Classic Strap in the Uni-Loop version.

  • Fits most cameras and binoculars
  • Stabilizes gear against body
  • Enables gear to glide up and down strap during use
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • Available in both webbing and elastic versions
  • Made in the USA


Bino/Cam HarnessRecommended LoadUp to 15 lbs (6.8 kg)Carry StyleHarness# of Connection PointsTwoConnection TypeUni-LoopsStrap Lengthloop area that goes around each arm is adjustable between approximately 36" round to 50" round (91,44cm to 127cm)Pad Dimensionsthere is no strap padQuick DisconnectsYesMaterialsNylon webbing or elastic versions; leather back tabWebbing Width1"Made in the USAYes