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OP/TECH Hood Hat PK Mini 1" x 3" - Black - Protect from dust, moisture & impact

  • $ 750
  • Save $ 7.50

Finally, you can protect your pancake lens right on your camera! The latest addition toOP/TECH USA's Hood Hat™ family is the Hood Hat™-PK for "pancake" lenses. It takes the popular features of the Hood Hat™ and offers them in a version for thinner lenses. The soft, durable neoprene of the Hood Hat™-PK protects valuable optics against dust, moisture and impact. The addition of a non-skid surface to the interior surface helps to grip the shallower depth of these lenses and keep the Hood Hat™-PK in place.

The Hood Hat™-PK for pancake lenses is available in black in PK-Micro (2.5"Ø x 1"d ) and PK-Mini (3"Ø x 1"d) sizes. It’s sure to be an essential part of your gear.

  • Protects lens and shade against dust, moisture and impact
  • Cylindrical design for better fit
  • Neoprene stretches for a custom fit on round or elliptical shades
  • Made in the USA

Hood Hat PK - Available Sizes

  • PK-Micro: 2.5" Diameter x 1" Depth (6.3cm x 2.54cm)
  • PK-Mini: 3" Diameter x 1" Depth (7.6cm x 2.54cm)