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OP/TECH Hood Hat Mini 3" - Nature - Protects against dust, moisture & impact

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Finally, you can protect your lens when using a hood or sunshade. The neoprene Hood Hat slides over the sunshade to protect the lens from dust, moisture and impact. Its tapered cylindrical design makes it easy to apply and easy to remove yet won't fall off.

When combined with the Lens Sleeve (sold separately) it creates an ideal solution for storing lenses with hoods. When shooting with longer lenses the Hood Hat can be joined with the Op/Tech Lens Support Adapter to combine lens protection with stabilization.

Hood Hat is sure to be an essential part of your gear!

  • Hood Hat - Available Sizes

XXX-Large:5.75" - 6.5" Diameter (14,6cm - 16,5cm)

Micro or PK-Micro:2" - 2.5" Diameter (5cm - 6,3cm)
Mini or PK-Mini:2.5" - 3" Diameter (6,3cm - 7,6cm)
Small:3" - 3.5" Diameter (7,6cm - 8,9cm)
Medium:3.5" - 4" Diameter (8,9cm - 10,2cm)
Large:4" - 4.5" Diameter (10,2cm - 11,4cm)
X-Large:4.5" - 5" Diameter (11,4cm - 12,7cm)
XX-Large:5" - 5.75" Diameter (12,7cm - 14,6cm)