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NGO 67mm - Graduated Color 4 Filter Kit w/Filter Pouch & Cleaning Kit FK004-67

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NGO Color Grad Filter (4 Filters + Pouch + Cleaning Kit)

The Color Grad Filter Kit from NGO consists of four Optical Resin filters:

Color Grad Orange
Color Grad Brown (Tobacco)
Color Grad Blue
Grad Neutral Density ND4 (0.6)
PLUS FREE CLEANING KIT (Lens Cleaning Pen, Air Blower & 6.5" x 6.5" Microfiber Cloth)

Transform an average sunrise or sunset into something spectacular or convert a dull, washed-out sky to a breathtaking blue. No other filter has done as much to improve landscape photography as the graduated filter.

Half color, half clear with a graduated density transition for smooth blending into the scene, Color-Grad filters are one of the most widely used category of filters in the industry today. They enable the image-maker to create an illusion or enhance reality. Some of the most popular applications include:

Adding color excitement to a drab sky

Changing the specific color in a scene to create a desired special effect

Enhancing the existing color or creating subtle color drama

Creating more balanced exposure in uneven lighting situations

This filter is mounted on rotating frame to allow the user to bring the colored and clear filter portions into the desired position by simply rotating the mount

This filter is double threaded allowing additional filters to be screwed one over the other. Using two color graduated filters rotated 180 degrees relative to each other allows different colors to fade into each other