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MARUMI 72mm DHG Variable ND ND2-ND400 Neutral Density Digital Filter AMDVND72

  • $ 11750

Multi-Coated Digital High Grade - Made In Japan


The Marumi Filters We Sell Are Fully Covered by Marumi's 1 Year USA Warranty

Marumi DHG Vari. ND2-ND400 filters allow you to adjust neutral density freely from ND2-ND400. With one single filter, you can create different densities by simply rotating it like a Circular Polarizer filter. 

Perfect to create slower shutter speed under heavy sunlight without altering the color tone of the photograph and you don't have to carry a bunch of ND filters for shooting.


  • Adjustable ND2-ND400 light control (1 f/stop to 9 f/stops)

  • Ultra thin screw thread frame design 9mm (not including threads)

  • Front Threads are one size larger than rear threads to help eliminate vignetting.

  • Japanese original light reducing material

Front Threads 77mm

Rear Threads 72mm,main.jpg   

Black-ink processing  on lens' outer rim  Lens' outer rim blacked with ink to minimize the inner reflection.

Special frame
Satin-like smooth frame for all types to minimize extra reflection.

Special Coating
New ultra-low reflection coating to help minimize flare and ghost.


Marumi Digital High Grade filters designed for Digital Photography Ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the camera's built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors.

Specifically designed for use with digital cameras Slim frame with satin smooth finish Black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare

Front Filter Threads allow for use of your clip on lens cap or additional accessories

Made In Japan