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Lens Cleaning Pen - for Canon, Nikon, Sony lenses, binoculars, filters and more!

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NGO Lens Cleaning Pen

TheLens Cleaning Pen fromNGO is perfect for the safe cleaning of all optical surfaces, including multi-coated surfaces.

Quickly cleans fingerprints, smudges, grease marks and dust off of all lens surfaces

Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out - environmentally friendly.


Outperforms all other lens cleaning products.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove any particles on the lens surface with the retractable brush

2. Remove the cap and wipe the lens with smooth circular motions of the cleaning tip. If some smudges persist, breathe gently on the surface and repeat the process

3. Replace the cap and give the cap a half twist to replenish the cleaning tip.

IMPORTANT: lens cleaning pen is designed for optical lenses. Do not use on wet surfaces. Please carefully observe the instructions for use.