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Kenko - Tokina Zeta 72mm Neutral Density ND-4 (0.6) - Super Multi Coated (SHMC)

  • $ 2990
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  • 7 Layer Super Multi-Coated Nano-Technology Glass
  • Hard Protective Anti-Fouling Top Coat: Protects the Multi-Coated Layers underneath and makes for easy cleaning
  • Light Transmission Rate:99.7%
  • Made in Japan
  • Comparable to Hoya XPD Series ND Filters. Superior to Hoya Pro 1D & HMC Series. ND Filters.

The Kenko Zeta filter with 'ZR Anti-Reflective Coating' is the ultimate filter for use with Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras. Water Repellent - Scratch Resistant - Easy to Clean Newly designed innovative ZR (Anti-reflective) coating makes reflection rate less than 0.3% of single surface of the glass (Less than 0.6% with Wide Band C-PL). ZR coating also creates Water Repellent and Scratch Resistant glass surface to make filter maintenance very easy. Low profile and extremely thin (4mm) filter frame is fully compatible with super wide-angle lenses. This innovative coating will not interfere with any color or light transmission. Reflections are eliminated by allowing light to enter the filter at virtually any angle. This filter will produce superior results and can be used with any type of lens (wide angle to telephoto). Filter Properties At A Glance Front Threads: Yes Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 4mmCoating: Multi Coated (Nano Technology) Filter Factor: 2 Stops Sophisticated Filter Case: Polycarbonate resin compact case