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Kenko-Tokina Action 82mm UV - MC Filter - For Digital Cameras - KAC-82UV

  • $ 1899

  • UV filters absorb ultraviolet rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy and less crisp
  • Can be left on the lens at all time for protection.
  • Designed for Digital Cameras
  • Precision milled aluminum frame.
  • High quality Optical Glass

Kenko Action UV filters are great general-purpose filters for protecting your lens. Action filters absorb ultraviolet (UV) rays that can make outdoor photo more hazy and distant scenes less sharp while its precision aluminum ring and high-quality glass defend the front of your lens from scratches or other bumps. These filters have front filter threads so they can used to stack filters or attach normal lens caps. The Kenko Action UV filter is available from 37mm to 82mm. ? Multi-coated UV to reduce reflections off the surface of the glass ? Great optical quality at an affordable price. ? Precision milled aluminum frame. Filter Properties at a Glance Front Threads: Yes Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 4mm Coating: None Filter Factor: 0 ? Stops Made by: Kenko ? Tokina Made In the Philippines