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Kenko-Tokina 58mm UV (0) Multi-Coated SL-39 Optical Glass Filter - Made in Japan

  • $ 990
  • Save $ 7.90

  • High Quality Multi-Coated Optical Glass - Made in Japan
  • Cuts 390nm or less of the ultraviolet rays
  • Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads) - 5mm Front Filter Threads For Attaching Additional Accessories
  • Top Selling Filter Brand In Japan
  • Superior to Un-Coated Tiffen UV-P or Haze-1 models

Kenko-Tokina Multi-Coated SL-39 Optical Glass Filter - Made in Japan

Kenko. Japan's Number 1 Selling Filter Line.

6 Layer Multicoated Optical Glass

The lens is protected and UV light is cut o, thus preventing a distant landscape from appearing bluish. UV protective lters are suitable for those who frequently photograph landscapes. This filter cuts 390nm or less of the ultraviolet rays.

Thie filter works to absorb the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct, and can also serve as a permanent lens protector.

Do not compromise the optics of your lens by using a low quality filters! Kenko is the number 1 selling filter line in Japan, featuring high quality optical glass at an affordable price.

Filter Properties at a Glance

Front Threads: Yes

Accepts Snap In Lens Cap:Yes

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads):5mm

Coating:Multicoated (6 Layers)

Filter Factor:0