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Kenko-Tokina 58mm UV (0) Multi-Coated SL-39 Optical Glass Filter - Made in Japan

  • $ 790
  • Save $ 10

  • High Quality Multi-Coated Optical Glass - Made in Japan
  • Cuts 390nm or less of the ultraviolet rays
  • Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads) - 5mm Front Filter Threads For Attaching Additional Accessories
  • Top Selling Filter Brand In Japan
  • Superior to Un-Coated Tiffen UV-P or Haze-1 models

The Multi-Coated Kenko SL-39 UV filter effectively eliminates UV light of wavelengths shorter than 390nm. No exposure compensation is necessary. The best use of this filter is for scenes such mountains, beaches, areas of snow, and any other situations where there is a lot of UV light present.

  • Multi-Coated 6 Layer (3 Layers per side) Optical Glass.
  • Filter Made In Japan

Higher quality UV filters will have multi-coatings on both sides of the glass. Make sure the specs state that both sides are coated.

Multi-Coated Filters have Higher Light transmission than Non-Coated Filters.

Multi-Coated layers ensure increased light transmission.

Multi-coatings prevent double image reflections or ghosting, contrast reducing flare, and increase color accuracy.

  • The Quality of filter you put on your lens will govern the quality of your image. A great lens does not cancel out a low quality filter! Avoid low quality non-coated UV and Protection filters.
  • Do not compromise the optics of your lens by using low quality filters! Kenko is the number 1 selling filter line in Japan, featuring high quality Multi-Coated optical glass at an affordable price.

Filter Properties at a Glance

Front Threads: Yes

Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 5mm

Coating: Multicoated 6 Layers (3 Layers per Side)

Filter Factor: 0