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Kenko-Tokina Action 46mm UV - MC Filter - For Digital Cameras - KAC-46UV

  • $ 699
  • Save $ 6.99

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Kenko Action and Hoya Alpha Series filters are manufactured to the same specifications, in the same facility.

Save versus a comparable Hoya Alpha Series filter.

Why pay more for the same filter?

The Kenko Action UV absorbs ultraviolet rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy and less crisp. This is a good multi-purpose filter that can be left on the lens at all time for protection. 

The filter is multi-coated (MC) on both sides of the glass to reduce the chance of reflections or flare that could ruin a good shot. The alpha UV has a high-quality durable aluminum frame that can stand up to years of us. 

• Multi-coated UV to reduce reflections off the surface of the glass 
• Great optical quality at an affordable price. 
• Precision milled aluminum frame. 

Filter Properties at a Glance
Front Threads: Yes
Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes
Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 4mm
Coating: None
Filter Factor: 0 – Stops
Made by: Kenko – Tokina
Made In the Philippines