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Kenko 82mm Neutral Density ND-4 (0.6) & ND-8 (0.9) ND Filter Twin Pack US Dealer

  • $ 5345

This ND4/ND8 filter reduce the amount of light entering the lens so wider apertures can be selected, which is perfect for portraiture to reduce depth of field. Subject appears crisp and clear while the background becomes a soft blur. Also widely used for photographs of waterfalls and other nature scenes to emphasize movement.

The ND4 reduces light entering the camera lens by the equivalent of 2 stops and the ND8 by the equavent of 3 stops. These filters can be individually or together.


Filter Properties At A Glance
Front Threads Yes
Accepts Snap In Lens Cap Yes

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads)

Coating Mono Coated
Filter Factor ND-4: 2 - Stops
Filter Factor ND-8: 3-  Stops 

                                                                   *77mm Filter Used For Illustration Purposes Only  

                                                                           *77mm Filter Used For Illustration Purposes Only