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Kenko-Tokina 37mm Starter Kit - Includes 37mm UV & CPL - Filter Wallet

  • $ 2490

  • Economical - Kenko Optical Glass Filter Kit
  • Kenko - Japan's Top Selling Filter Line
  • Includes: Optical Glass UV
  • Includes: Optical Glass Circular Polarizer
  • Includes: 4 Filter Lens Wallet and Lens Cleaning Cloth

  • Kenko Action Series Digital Starter Kit

Kenko Action-Series UV Great general-purpose filter for protecting your lens. Absorbs ultraviolet (UV) rays that can make your outdoor photo more hazy and distant scenes less sharp while its precision aluminum ring and high-quality glass defend the front of your lens from scratches or other bumps. This filter has a front filter thread so it can be used to stack filters or attach normal lens caps.

Kenko Action-Series Circular Polarizer Filter that gives scenic photography more punch by darkening blue skies so that white clouds and foliage stand out. This filter absorbs polarized light and helps remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. It also has a precision-milled aluminum frame and uses non-coated filter glass.

  • Quality glass filter
  • Aluminum filter frame to stand up to years of use
  • Kenko - Tokina Japans largest photo accessory manufacturer

Four Filter Storage Wallet (Black). The Four Filter Storage Wallet is a Cordura nylon pouch made to hold 4 round filters from 27mm to 82mm. DIMENSIONS: 8.5" x 4.25" Closed - 8.5" x 12" Open Folding Cordura nylon filter pouch Compatible with round filters from 27mm to 82mm Four Storage Slots Soft and Durable Compact Design.

Hoya Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth - 5" x 5"A must for any camera bag! Hoya is one of the top lens and filter company manufacturers in the world. Ideal for expensive eyewear, lenses, LCD screens, cell phone screens, camera lenses and filters. Can be rewashed multiple times (hand washed in low temperature without any other clothing) Cleans fingerprints and any other particles from screens without scratching.