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Kaiser 3 IN 1 Multi Lens Zoom Rubber Lens Hood - 67mm

Kaiser 3 IN 1 Multi Lens Zoom Rubber Lens Hood - 67mm

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  • For Lenses with 28-200mm Focal Lengths
  • Metal Screw-In Mount
  • Adjustable

Style:67mm 3-in-1 Rubber Lens Hood For lenses with 28 to 200 mm focal length
(35 mm equivalent). ade of matte black silicone, foldable. With light baffles.
Metal screw-in mount. Filter thread. The 67mm 3-in-1 Rubber Lens Hood from
Kaiser is designed for lenses with focal lengths anywhere between 28mm and
200mm (35mm equivalent). Because their flexible yet sturdy rubber construction
allows them to fold in on themselves and hold that position, they are
considered 3-in-1. When left in their unfolded, longest position they are
compatible with telephoto or long zoom lenses. When folded in once, they work
for standard focal length lenses and when folded back twice, they serve for
wide-angle lenses. A metal screw-in mount firmly attaches them to 67mm
diameter lenses and in their fully retracted position they can be kept on the
lens permanently for added protection against bumps and scratches. Made from
matte black rubber and with light baffles, they deflect stray light to keep
your images free from light flares. The interior of the lens hood contains a
filter thread for 67mm lens filters. These Kaiser lens hoods are an affordable
and adaptable way to protect your lenses and an invaluable accessory when
shooting in tricky light. Adjustable: Three-way adjustability for focal
lengths between 28 and 200 mm. Glare and Flare: Blocks unwanted sunlight or
other source light from entering lens and producing glare or lens flare.
Protective: The sturdy but flexible rubber construction protects the lens from
accidental impact.