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JJC Moisture Proof Filter Case (Large) - Fits Filters from 58mm to 82mm

  • $ 890

  • Moisture proof
  • Anti-impact
  • Water resistant
  • 8mm maximum filter thickness
  • 10 packs of desiccant silica gel

The JJC FLC Series Moisture proof Filter Case is made from quality PC materials. Each case includes 10 packs of desiccant silica gel, one sheet of moisture proof interleaving paper, 6 pieces 1mm-thick sponge pads and several O-ring gaskets of different sizes. The maximum filter thickness is up to 8mm. The moisture-proof filter case has characteristics of anti-impact, moisture proof and water resistant, which can protect your high-end filter effectively.

FLC-L Includes:

  • 1 Moisture proof Filter Case
  • 10 packs of desiccant silica gel
  • 1 sheet of moisture-proof interleaving paper
  • 6 pieces 1mm-thick sponge pads
  • 6 pieces O-ring gaskets of 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm (You can also put the 86mm filter into the case without the O-ring gasket.)

To Use

First, choose the proper number of the sponge pad, according to the thickness of your filter, and put them into the bottom of the case. Then put in the moisture-proof interleaving paper. After that, putting the filter into the suitable O-ring gasket and put them into the case. Finally, you can adjust the number of the sponge pads to use based on the degree of tightness. What's more, do not forget to put the desiccant silica gel into the inside lid (1 pack in FLC-S, 2 packs in FLC-L). The desiccant silica gel should be changed every month.