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Hufa - The Original Lens Cap Clip - White

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Hufa Cap Clip - White

No more lost lens caps! The Hufa Holder Lens Cap Clip makes it easy tokeep track of all of your lens caps by attaching this clip to your camera strapor camera bag and letting it hold your lens cap when it's not on the lens. Justattach the clip to your backpack, camera strap, camera bag or belt, slip yourlens cap into the clip and you'll always know exactly where it is. No morefishing through five pockets to find your lens cap when time to change lenses.The clip fits all kinds of SLR lens caps including Nikon, Canon, Sigma, andTamron and can connect to any type of SLR neck strap as well as most camera andlens bags, with 1 5/8''. 

  • Keeps Lens Caps Clean, Safe and Handy

  • Easily Attaches to Camera Strap or BagEasily Attaches to Camera Strap or Bag