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Hufa Strap - Adjustable Camera Neck Strap w/ Lens Cap Holder - Black / White

  • $ 790
  • Save $ 12

  • New adjustable camera neck strap with red clip built in
  • The strap that keeps your cap
  • All in one camera strap with built-in Hufa lens cap
  • Keep your lens cap safe and clean
  • Strong woven nylon webbing for security and comfort microfiber backing to prevent irritation

Ensure you won't lose your lens cap with the built-in red clip on the black Camera Neck Strap from Hufa. This strap is designed to hold a DSLR with lens and will easily attach to the camera's eyelets. Also, it is adjustable in length and utilizes a woven nylon webbing and a microfiber backing. In addition, there is a utility buckle that allows you to attach smaller items, such as keys. 

Material: Woven nylon webbing - Microfiber backing 

Attachment Method: Camera eyelets 

Width 1.5" (3.8 cm) 

Length 34-50" (86.4 cm)