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Hufa - "S" Lens Cap Clip - Black

  • $ 1065
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  • No more lost lens caps!
  • Keeps Lens Caps Clean, Safe and Handy
  • Easily and Securely Attaches to Straps

Hufa SCap Clip -Black

The Hufa S Lens Cap Clip is designed to prevent the loss of your lens cap whenit has been removed for shooting. It's a follow-up to their standard Lens CapClip and is designed for narrower sling style straps and 1" wide cameraand bag straps. The S Clip is oriented vertically rather than horizontallywhich stabilizes it once clipped on the more narrow straps. The S clip attachesto the camera strap in the same manner as the original but provides an underthen over design to keep the clip (and your lens cap) securely in place.

Of course, the S Clip does not have to attach to a camera strap, you can clipto your backpack, camera bag or belt and you'll always know exactly where yourlens cap is. No more fishing through five pockets to find your lens cap whenit's time to change lenses and no more lost lens caps. The S clip holds anykind of flat lens cap and if you have more than one cap, the S clip can bestacked along your strap for multiple lens caps.

Keeps Lens Caps Clean, Safe and Handy

Improved for Narrower Camera Straps

Easily and Securely Attaches to Straps