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Hoya NXT Plus 37mm UV Filter - Schott B270 Glass - *AUTHORIZED HOYA USA DEALER*

  • $ 2490

  • Water Proof Top-Coat
  • Schott B270 Glass
  • 10-Layer HMC Multi-coating (5 Per Side)
  • 98% Light Transmission
  • Low-profile Aluminum Frame

The NXT Plus filter frames are precision milled from lightweight aluminum for a slim profile that makes it perfect for all lenses including super wide-angles. The frame sports full front filter threads that can accept a normal lens cap or allows you to stack additional filters like a circular polarizer or neutral density.

  • Waterproof Top-coat for easy cleaning
  • Schott B270 Glass
  • 10-layers of HMC Multi-Coatings (5 Per Side)
  • 98% Transmission rate for sharp, clear images
  • Low-profile Aluminum Frame

UV filters are most commonly used to protect the front of your lens. A first line of defense against scratches, rain, dirt and dust. Hoya’s NXT Plus UV is a powerful upgrade to the best-selling NXT series. The new filter applies a waterproof top coat to Schott B270 glass polished smooth for easy cleaning. Dirt, smudges and water wipe away easily. Using 10 layers of Hoya’s patented anti-reflection (AR) multi-coatings your images show improved contrast, color, and sharpness with a 98% light transmission. So, leaving it on all the time will not hurt your images.

  • Filter Factor: Zero
  • Glass Type: Schott B270
  • Light Transmission: 98.0%
  • Number of Multi-Coatings: 10 / 5 per side
  • Nano-Coating Technology: No
  • Hardened Top Layer: No
  • Anti-Static: No
  • Black Rimmed Glass: Yes
  • Frame Construction: Press Fit / Low Profile / Aluminum
  • Front Filter Threads: Yes