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Hoya NXT 49mm Filter Kit - Includes: UV & CPL + Cleaning Cloth

  • $ 4690

  • Hoya Clear Glass with UV filtration
  • High Quality Polarizing Film
  • Thin Filter Frame will not vignette super-wide lenses
  • Four Filter Storage Wallet
  • Hoya USA lens cleaning cloth

Hoya NXT UV filters are manufactured using high quality glass with 6-layers of multi-coatings which improves light transmission to 97%. This means more light travels through the glass for improved color reproduction, sharpness and contrast.

The NXT UV filters have a precision milled lightweight aluminum slim profile frame that makes it perfect for all lenses including super wide-angles. The frame sports full front filter threads that can accept a normal lens cap or allows you to stack additional filters like a circular polarizer or neutral density.

  • All filter glass are not created equal and poor quality glass can affect sharpness, resolution, contrast and color. Inexpensive filters will use simple window glass, polish it, throw it in a frame and call it a day.
  • Avoid any filter that does not clearly state what type of glass it is. More often than not the filter is simple window sheet glass with lots of impurities in the glass that ruin image quality.
  • Hoya Clear Glass with UV filtration
  • 6-layers of HMC Multi-Coatings (3 Layers Per Side)
  • 97% Transmission rate
  • Low-profile Aluminum Frame

Circular polarizers are easy to use too. Once attached to your lens simply rotate the outer ring of the filter while looking through your viewfinder or LCD screen until you achieve the right amount of reflection control. When the colors and detail look right, take the picture.

Hoya’s high quality polarized glass is mounted into a precision milled aluminum slim frame, making it lightweight and perfect for your wide-angle lenses. Despite the slim profile the filter includes front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or that protective lens cap.

  • High Quality Polarizing Film
  • Premium Hoya Clear Glass
  • Thin Filter Frame will not vignette super-wide lenses
  • Accepts Lens Caps

Four Filter Storage Wallet (Black). The Four Filter Storage Wallet is a Cordura nylon pouch made to hold 4 round filters from 27mm to 82mm. DIMENSIONS: 8.5" x 4.25" Closed - 8.5" x 12" Open.

Hoya USA lens cleaning cloth is a premium material that safely cleans your filters and lenses. The micro-fiber cloth has a very soft textured surface that grabs oils and dirt from the surface of the filter. All four edges are stitched so the edges don't fray and helps with the handling of the cloth.