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Hoya HMC 77mm FL-W (Multi-Coated) Filter MPN: A-77FLW-GB

  • $ 5664

  • Pleasing skin tones under fluorescent lighting without flash True-to-life color rendition
  • Essential in any environment where ambient light source is fluorescent As one of the premier filter manufacturers, Hoya filters continue to made from quality glass assuring the photographer
  • Clear, sharp and accurate images Hoya filters consistently provide even color all the way through the filter; All surfaces are ground and polished to specific thickness and tolerances
  • Even non-multi-coated Hoya filters have one layer of anti-reflective coating applied to each surface of the glass; Hoya's single layer coating decreases light reflection off the surface from approx. 9% to an average of 4-5%
  • Made in Japan

A Hoya FL-W Fluorescent Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass filter is used to balance daylight film under warm white or white type fluorescent lamps. NOTE: The FL series of filters alone does not always guarantee 100% correct color balance when shooting under fluorescent lighting. They are general purpose filters intended for moderate correction and will not, by themselves, necessarily provide perfect color rendition. An FL-D Fluorescent Glass filter is used when you wish to correct for the greenish tone that appears when shooting daylight film under general purpose fluorescent lighting. An FL-B filter is used to correct the color balance when shooting tungsten film under fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lamps burn at many different temperatures and often require more demanding filtration for exact results. For specific filtration and professional use, it is strongly recommended that a color temperature meter be employed along with Color Correction filters (i.e.CC30M) when shooting under fluorescent lighting. This is the only proven way to achieve exact color correction. Multicoated to minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting.