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Hoya HMC 72mm Red 25A Multi-Coated B&W Filter - Made in Japan MPN: A-7225A-GB

  • $ 5799

  • Ideal for dramatic cloud effects in landscapes

Especially effective for increasing contrast. Ideal for dramatic cloud effects in landscapes. Can also be applied creatively in color and infrared photography.   As their names suggests, these filters use HOYA colored glass. They are used for color correction of different light sources when using color film, or for controlling contrast with Black & White film. Color correction filters are important as color films do not have the flexibility of the human eye to automatically adjust to different situations. Black & White films register colors as shades of grey and the rendition of each color in a scene is important, so filters can be used to control this. The color of the glass used in all these filters is carefully controlled and to reduce the possibility of color shift over a period of time, such high quality filters are coated or multicoated on both sides. This maintains the desired effect and gives a long service life.

Filter Properties At A Glance

  • Front Threads: Yes 
  • Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes 
  • Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 5mm 
  • Coating: Multi-Coated
  • Filter Factor: 3 Stops