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Hoya EVO ANTISTATIC 105mm Circular Polarizer CPL Filter US DEALER XEVA-105CRPL

  • $ 34990

    Hoya EVO ANTISTATIC 105mm Circular Polarizer CPL Filter US DEALER XEVA-105CRPL

    Hoya engineers have developed a new ANTISTATIC coating that acts like a force field around the filter to repel dust. Perfect for environments where dust is common, these filters require less frequent cleaning and maintenance than traditional filters. Additionally, the hardened, antistatic top-layer is water repellent, stain and scratch resistant, and cleans easily when smudges or fingerprints are introduced to the surface.

    Circular polarizing filters allow photographers to achieve creative, in-camera, effects not possible after the image is created. A polarizing filter simply filters out unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass in addition to light reflecting off moisture and pollution in the atmosphere. By rotating ultra-smooth filter you can select just the right amount of filtration needed to achieve the creative effect. This results in bluer skies, greener leaves, reduced or eliminated reflections, and greater clarity in your final image.

    The new EVO ANTISTATIC professional filters are made in Japan using hand selected silicates that are carefully smelted and blended to yield high performance optical glass. Hoya then uses extreme care and precision to apply the Improved 16-layer Super Multi-coating formula which greatly reduces or eliminates reflections on the surface of the glass and yields very high light transmission rates. This means the filter has virtually no effect on the color balance, contrast, or clarity of the final image beyond its polarizing effects.

    The filters features a lightweight, two-piece, very low-profile aluminum frame to house the glass. The low-profile frame eliminates vignetting when used on ultra-wide-angle lenses.

    NEW Antistatic coating repels dust

    Ultra-smooth filter rotation

    Scratch resistant - Hardened coating protects against everyday wear

    Stain resistant - Protects against exposure to ink, markers etc.

    Water repellent Water beads up and wipes away easily

    Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly

    Hoyas Professional-grade optical glass

    Two-piece, very low-profile filter frame with front filter threads