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Hoya 82mm Intensifier (Red Enhancer) Filter MPN: S-82INTENS

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  • Hoya 82mm RA54 Red Enhancer Orange Intensifier Filter - Filter Case - Hoya 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Type: Enhancing Filter
  • Size: 82mm (3.23")
  • Density: 0.15
  • Filter Factor: 1.4 (0.5 stop)

Hoya 82mm Intensifier (Red Enhancer) Filter MPN: S-82INTENS

Also known as a 'didymium' filter, this is used to enhance the colors in the red-orange area of the color spectrum increasing their color saturation and contrast while having very little effect on the other colors in the scene. It can be used in many situations such as architecture where certain building features need emphasizing, or for landscapes to enhance foliage and rocky features. Use the Hoya Intensifier in combination with a Circular Polarizer such as the HD3 Cir-PL for incredibly saturated autumn colors.

The filter is also very useful for filtering out some of the light pollution in astro/astrolandscape photography. The Hoya Intensifier suppresses a band of wavelengths that coincides with the wavelength of light that a lot of mercury vapor lights (most common street lamp light) emits. Street lighting is the largest generator of light pollution. By suppressing these wavelengths the resulting color balance is more accurate and easier to adjust in software later.

This Hoya filter is constructed from optical glass for increased clarity and features an aluminum-alloy filter ring for durability while remaining lightweight.

  • Enhances red, orange, and yellow colors within an image

  • Increases color contrast without unwanted polarization

  • Preserves white and neutral tones

  • 1.4x filter factor reduces exposure by one-half of a stop

  • Constructed from optical glass for increased clarity

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum-alloy filter ring with 82mm front filter threads

  • Plastic case for storage and transport

Filter Properties At A Glance

Front Threads Yes
Accepts Snap In Lens Cap Yes

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads)

Coating None
Filter Factor
.5 Stops