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Hoya 67mm HMC UV-IR Cut Filter - Multi-Coated **AUTORIZED HOYA USA DEALER**

  • $ 6590
  • Save $ 109

  • Multi-coating greatly reduces lens flare and ghosting
  • Slim filter frame helps avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses
  • Blocks both UV rays and IR rays yielding clearer and sharper pictures outdoors
  • Protects your lens surface from dust and scratches
  • Plastic filter case included

HOYA has introduced the new Hoya UV &IR Cut filter. This specialized filterhas the ability to cut out both UV rays below 390nm and IR rays above 700mnleaving just the light rays in the visible spectrum passing through the filtersand into the camera. This is important because CCD and CMOS sensors areextremely susceptible to UV and IR rays just outside the visible spectrum thathave a very negative impact on image quality.

The Hoya UV &IR Cut filter blocks both UV rays and IR rays yielding clearer and sharperpictures outdoors. This filter can reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to aneven greater degree than a standard UV filter.

The Hoya UV &IR light transmission curve shows the sharp-cut nature of the filter glass andcoatings as well as the consistent light transmission in the visible spectrum.This curve demonstrates a more even light transmission than the closest competitor.This means that sharper images with more depth and finer, richer colorgradations are possible with the Hoya UV & IR Cut filter.