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Hoya 62mm HPS Grow Light Filter Kit MPN: S-62GLHPS

  • $ 9995

  • For Images of Plants under Grow Lights
  • Blocks Yellow and Orange HPS Light
  • Color Correction for HPS Bulbs
  • 4x Filter Factor, +2 Stop

This 62mm HPS Grow Light Filter Kit from Hoya can be used to enhance images or video of plants while recording under grow lights with high-pressure sodium bulbs. The included filter is designed to reduce the yellow and orange cast of those light sources by selectively blocking light waves at 570 to 590 nanometers. This effect can be obtained when this filter is used on a film camera system with daylight film installed or on a digital camera system with its daylight white balance setting selected.  To prevent internal ghosting and reflections, each glass surface of the 62mm HPS Grow Light Filter includes three layers of antireflection coatings. These coatings also offer greater protection to the filter substrate and help it to stay clean for longer than with uncoated filters. The filter is constructed from optical glass for increased clarity and color fidelity. It also features a thin, lightweight, aluminum-alloy filter ring to minimize the potential for vignetting.