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Hoya 55mm 4 Filter Neutral Density Kit - 1, 2, 3, & 9 Stop Filters + Wallet

  • $ 6990
  • Save $ 60

  • Hoya XPD 55mm ND-2 (0.3) 1 Stop
  • Hoya XPD 55mm ND-4 (0.6) 2 Stops
  • Hoya HMC 55mm ND-8 (0.9) 3 Stops
  • Hoya HMC 55mm ND-400 (2.7) 9 Stops
  • 4 Filter Wallet & Hoya Lens Cleaning Cloth

Neutral Density  filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens so wider apertures can be selected, which is perfect for portraiture to reduce depth of field. Subject appears crisp and clear while the background becomes a soft blur. Also widely used for photographs of waterfalls and other nature scenes to emphasize movement.

In conditions of extreme light intensity, such as sunshine on snowy mountains or on the beach, or when using a camcorder, ND (Neutral Density) filters are recommended as essential.

Neutral Density filters are often ignored by photographers, but they have several uses and offer the possibility to achieve otherwise unachievable results. ND filters appear grey and reduce the amount of light reaching the film, they have no effect on color balance. The XPD-ND2 Filter utilizes Hoya’s ACCU-ND technology which yields a truly neutral color balance that will not add any noticeable color-cast to your images. 

  • They have four main uses:
  • To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with fast films, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, cars, seas etc.
  • To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which helps separate subjects from their background.
  • To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (ie: above ISO400) and allow it to be used outdoors in blight situations.

Filter Properties At A Glance

Glass Type: Hoya Optical

Number of Multi-Coatings: 6 Layers / 3 per side

Hardened Top Layer: No

Anti-Static: No

Frame Construction: Standard Profile / Aluminum

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads): 5mm

Front Threads: Yes

Accepts Snap In Lens Cap: Yes

Shutter Speed/ Aperture Decrease

  • NDx2      1 Stop
  • NDx4      2 Stops
  • NDx8      3 Stops
  • NDx400 9 Stops