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Hoya 49mm LINEAR Polarizer PL Glass Lens Filter Authorized USA Dealer B-49PL-GB

Hoya 49mm LINEAR Polarizer PL Glass Lens Filter Authorized USA Dealer B-49PL-GB

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  • 49mm polarizing filter

Linear Polarizers are  used with most video and manual focus photo cameras. They are not recommended  for auto-focus SLR cameras or cameras equiped with a beam splitting metering  system.

Linear  Vs. Circular Polarizers .  There are two types of  polarizing filters available  linear or circular. Linear polarizers are more  effective and less expensive than circular ones. But circular polarizers are  needed with just about any camera that has a BEAM-SPLITTING METERING  SYSTEM, or AUTOFOCUS. The reason for this is  that both of these systems use semi-silvered mirrors to siphon off some of the  light coming through the lens. If that light is linearly polarized it renders  either the metering or the autofocus ineffective.  Minimizes light reflections from glass and water Reduces glare  from non-metallic surfaces. Provides a general color saturation to both cool  and warm tones. Manufactured in self-rotating and drop-in formats. Provides the same  filter effects as a Linear Polarizer, but is designed to work with auto focus  cameras with beam splitting metering. The Circular Polarizer has linear  polarizer construction plus a built-in 'Wave Retardant' to ensure proper  exposure. Also used in video for video assist. (video tap).  Most modern SLR  cameras use a polarizing half mirror (split beam metering) system and are  designed to be used with a Circular Polarizer. If you own a modern SLR  this filter will not work properly with your cameras metering system!!!  WE WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST REVIEWING YOUR CAMERAS MANUAL TO  VERIFY WHETHER A LINEAR POLARIZER WILL WORK WITH YOUR CAMERA!  Sorry to be so  redundant with this but we want to make sure that you are ordering the correct  Polarizer!