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Heliopan 67mm Variable Neutral Density **AUTHORIZED HELIOPAN USA DEALER**

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  • Heliopans world-renowned Variable Gray Neutral Density Filter appears gray and reduces the amount of light reaching either the digital sensor or film plane. This darkening of the image allows for a longer exposure without offsetting overall color and tonality. Wider apertures and a shorter depth of field make room for optimal foreground and background separation. The Neutral Density filter also performs extremely well under bright light conditions. This enables the user flexibility to maintain constant aperture at slower shutter speeds, making it ideal for capturing movement. Filter Factor: 0.3 To 1.8 (1 To 6 Stops)
  • Our standard 8-Layer Multi-Coating minimizes reflections and does not interfere with the resolution of your camera optics
  • Constructed from the highest German Schott Optics, which guarantees incredible optical resolution. Our glass is specially ground and polished to minimize internal reflections, while ensuring that the quality of your images are not degraded by using our optics in front of your lens. It is also specially hardened to resist most impacts
  • Our precision cut brass ring ensures a secure and sturdy fit, are more resistant to side impacts, and less likely to bind or cross-thread after extended use
  • We do not source any materials outside of Germany in the assembly and construction of our products. All raw materials are prepared and hand-assembled in our factory and do not leave our facility until they are completely inspected by our quality technicians

Made In Germany

Heliopan glass filters are made with glass from Schott (Zeiss) the world’s finest optical glass supplier.

Using the rotating 77mm Vario Neutral Density Filter from Heliopan, can reduce the exposure on your film or digital camera anywhere from 1.0 to 6.6 f/stops. When shooting with high ISOs, this filter can allow you to shoot under bright lighting conditions such as at the beach. This is also an ideal filter for creating long exposure special effects such as capturing the 'blur' of running water. It also permits you to control your depth of field by helping isolate your subject from its background by using a wider aperture. A convenient index scale on the filter ring makes exposures repeatable and exact. Neutral density filters appear gray and have no effect on color.



The filter is thin enough (8.7 mm) to use with wide-angle lenses without vignetting (the darkening of the corners of the image). It has been tested on a Canon 16-35 'L' lens without vignetting down to f/16. Another advantage of this filter is that it saves you the expense of having to purchase individual neutral density filters. This, too, is a time saver since you won't have to search through your bag to find the filter you want. Just rotate the Vario Neutral Density until you achieve the degree of ND you desire.

The filter is made with world-renowned Schott glass that is supported by a rugged black brass filter ring that is less prone to jamming than traditional aluminum filter rings.


Heliopan has been a leader in the filter industry since 1949. They are known for their high-quality and production standards. Their slim mounts facilitate using them with wider angle lenses. Heliopan offers most of their filters with either their standard hard coating or with their industry leading SH-PMC 16 layer multi-coating that transmits over 99.5% of the light striking it on to the image plane for the lowest flare and greatest color saturation.


ND variable from 1 to 6.6 stops (0.3 to 2.0)

Calibrated, repeatable settings

Color neutral regardless of ND value

Even density across the frame

No artifacts with wide angle lenses

8.7 mm thickness from front of lens to front of filter

Numerically calibrated with index

Black anodized rings with stops at both ends of the ND range

High-quality solid brass rings

Can be stacked with Heliopan High Transmission circular polarizer with no color shifts or artifacts


No Front Threads