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Heliopan 62mm KB3 (82C) Filter 'STANDARD VERSION'

Heliopan 62mm KB3 (82C) Filter 'STANDARD VERSION'

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  • Returns skin tones to natural when shot in early morning or late afternoon light.
  • Used for 'cool' mood.

 Filter was recently accquired from a local photo dealer who who has closed their doors... Filter is packaged in the older Slide Open Case (As shown in the listing photo) Plastic cases show some shopwear... Filter inside is new and fully waranteed.... 

With about twice the correcting effect of the KB1.5 (82A) filter, the Heliopan KB3 Cooling Color Conversion Glass Filter removes the orange-red color cast that appears on photographs made on tungsten reversal film with artificial lights using 100-200 Watt bulbs, or from aged photoflood lamps. Therefore, this filter is ideal for neutral color reproduction with appropriate illumination.

Heliopan offers a wide selection of sizes, screw-in, series, bayonet, square and rectangular filters including digital, video, center weighted, graduated, wide angle, Kaesmann polarizers, drop-in polarizers, etc.

• Maintains natural flesh tones; prevents reddish cast

• Can create a mood of coolness

• Heliopan cuts, grinds, polishes and coats their filters with the same techniques and equipment as used for the finest German camera lenses.

• All Heliopan screw-in type and series size filters are mounted in precision black anodized brass rings to eliminate binding or cross threading and to ensure optimal alignment.

• Filters still retain front threads for a lens cap, a lens hood or even stacking a second filter.


82 Series Conversion Chart

• 82A Increases temperature from 3,000 to 3,200 Kelvin (1/3 stop)

• 82B Increases temperature from 2,900 to 3,060 Kelvin (2/3 stop)

• 82C Increases temperature from 2,800 to 3,200 Kelvin (2/3 stop)