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Heliopan 58mm Digital UV/Infrared Filter - Schott Glass MPN: 705886

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  • This Heliopan Digital Filter has been especially designed for imaging with digital sensors since they have a significantly higher sensitivity in the IR area then film material it blocks both disturbing UV and IR light. The result is improved color separation and sharpness. The UV protection blocks UV radiation in daylight.
  • Heliopan glass filters are made with glass from Schott (Zeiss) the world's finest optical glass supplier.
  • Brilliant Colour Reproduction and High SharpnessThe highest quality optical glass from the German Schott GroupThe longest life expectancy thanks to brass filter rimsMinimal reflections because of matte black filter rings
  • Made In Germany

This Heliopan 77mm Digital Glass Filter has been specially designed for digital cameras. It blocks ultra-violet radiation as well as IR rays. The result is improved color separation and reproduction with digital cameras. It is a necessity with artificial light for best digital results. In addition colors are improved especially in the blue and red channels. Since artificial light contains especially high IR radiation the filter ensures better control of the blue channel. This dichroic coated specialty filter should not be used with extreme wide angle lenses. Heliopan glass filters are made exclusively with glass from Schott (Zeiss) the world's finest optical glass supplier. Heliopan filters are 'dyed in the mass' and ground, polished and coated to the highest standards of the German optical industry. All Heliopan screw in type and series size filters are mounted in precision black anodized brass rings to eliminate binding or cross threading and to ensure optimal alignment. The care, quality and performance of Heliopan's filters make them simply the world's finest filters! Each Heliopan filter has an anti reflective coating, scratch proof metallic oxide coating on each surface. This special hard coating reduces reflections by approximately 50%. Heliopan filters are referred to as double coated. This means that the front and rear glass surfaces have coating applied to them.