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Heliopan 37mm SH-PMC Slim Circular Polarizer C-PL Filter SCHOTT GLASS 703740

  • $ 6999
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  • High Quality Schott Glass
  • SH-PMC 16-Layer Multi-Coating
  • Slim Profile Brass Filter Ring
  • Enhances Color and Tonal Saturation
  • Reduces Haze and Blue Cast in Landscapes

Heliopans 16 layer multi-coated SH-PMC series offers a industry leading 99.8% light transmission through the filter, reduced flare, ghosting with the greatest color saturation Super Hard Protective Multi Coating to protect the filter from surface scratches, Water and Oil Repellent plus Anti Fouling?Cleaning your filters has never been this easy?

The light loss of a polarizing filter varies between 1 and 1.5 F stops which, depending on camera type, can be manually or automatically corrected. HELIOPAN polarizing filters consist of a neutral color foil cemented between two plane parallel glass discs. The foil is constructed so that light rays can only pass in one plane. The polarizing filter is mounted in a calibrated rotating ring so the desired position and effect can be easily set. With an SLR one sees the result in the finder, with viewfinder type cameras one holds the polarizer in front of the eye and turns it to see the desired effect. Then with the assistance of the calibrated rim, which is on every HELIOPAN polarizing filter, it is easy to set the filter to the same position on the lens. If no effect is visible, the available light conditions cannot be polarized. In this case its use is not advisable.

Filter Properties At A Glance
Front Threads No
Accepts Snap In Lens Cap No

Filter Ring Depth (Less Threads)

Coating Multi-Coated
Filter Factor 1-1.5- Stops

With Circular Polarizer Without Circular Polarizer

Polarizing filters, are color neutral and increase picture taking possibilities with black and white or color film. In color photography, unlike black and white photography, there is no possibility to change contrast or color saturation with colored filters. To do so would also change the colors in the photograph. Natural light spreads in a wave form in all direction. Sunlight is polarized and has a high color purity. When passing through the atmosphere a part of it is scattered, which results in a blush gray haze over all colors. This effect can be reduced or eliminated by using polarizing filters. If, in addition, light falls at an angle of approximately 35 onto a reflecting surface, e g. water, glass, plastic, color surfaces, with the exception of metallic surfaces, the light becomes reflected and polarized. If one uses a properly orientated polarizing filter, the reflections are absorbed and the true colors can reach the film. Water surfaces become transparent and clouds are more saturated.

With Circular Polarizer Without Circular Polarizer

Heliopan glass filters are made with glass from Schott (Zeiss)the world's finest optical glass supplier.

Heliopan glass filters are made exclusively with glass from Schott (Zeiss) the worlds finest optical glass supplier. Heliopan filters are 'dyed in the mass' and ground, polished and coated to the highest standards of the German optical industry. All Heliopan screw in type and series size filters are mounted in precision black anodized brass rings to eliminate binding or cross threading and to ensure optimal alignment. The care, quality and performance of Heliopan's filters make them simply the world's finest filters! Each Heliopan filter has an anti reflective coating, scratch proof metallic oxide coating on each surface. This special hard coating reduces reflections by approximately 50%. Heliopan filters are referred to as double coated. This means that the front and rear glass surfaces have coating applied to them.

16 Layer Multi-Coated Filter

Super Hard Protective Coating

Dyed In Mass Optical Glass

Precision Black Anodized Filter Ring

Anti Reflective Coating

Scratch Proof Metal Oxide Coating

Easy to Clean