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Haida 62mm NanoPro Pro-Mist Black 1/8 - Multi-Coated Filter

  • $ 2990
  • Save $ 44

  • Reduces Highlights and Lowers Contrast
  • Reduces Highlights - Softens wrinkles and blemishes
  • High Quality K9 Optical Glass
  • Nano Multi-Coated on both sides of glass
  • Low Profile Frame is threaded for use with multiple filters / hoods / caps

Haida NanoPro Mist Black Filter helps to create a soft quality of pastel like light. The Haida Pro-Mist Filter can soften wrinkles, spots, pores, other flaws, and present delicate and rich effects. In addition, the filter will soften the light effect of facial details and while maintaining the details of shadows (like the character's hair and eyes).

When using under the dim scenes, it gives an old chronological movie feeling, captures a wider range of visual information, and eliminates the need for post-processing images.

Haida Pro-Mist Filters use Nano Technology Multi-Coating to prevent internal ghosting and reflections.

*Internal Ghosting and Reflections are often seen with Non-Coated Pro-Mist Filters.

Nano coating provides an additional layer that results in an improved beading effect when in contact with water or oil for greater cleaning efficiency.

The 1/4 density provides more contrast and highlight reduction than the 1/8, while still allowing for a soft, pastel-like quality of light.

  • Creates Pleasing Pastel Effect
  • Reduces Highlights. Lowers Overall Contrast
  • Softens wrinkles and blemishes
  • Conveys a warm, romantic feeling
  • Nano Multi-Coated on both sides of glass
  • Front frame is threaded for use with multiple filters / hoods / caps
  • Ideal for wide angle lenses, no vignetting
  • Includes plastic case.