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Giottos CL1001 Lens Cleaning Kit with Small Rocket Air Blower

  • $ 1295

  • Includes brush, micro-fiber cloth, cleaning solution, Rocket Blaster and cotton swabs
  • Includes small Rocket Blaster for precise cleaning
  • Unique cotton swabs with blunt and sharpened ends
  • Great kit for both video and still imaging cameras
  • 5.3-Inch Rocket Blaster
  • Lint-free white micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • Alcohol and ammonia-free cleaning solution
  • Soft goat's hair brush
  • Safe for use with all cameras, digital cameras, filters, cell phones, LCD screens, eyeglasses, binoculars and other optical equipment

Giottos supplies a range of products for cleaning lenses, filters, finders,
LCD screens, computer screen and TV screens. All of the kits include an
adjustable length, wide goat's hair brush, an effective cleaning solution and
a quality micro fiber lens cleaning cloth that is washable for added life! The
set include 10 of Giotto's unique cotton swabs with both a blunt end and a
sharpened end to clean into the edges and corners! The kit also includes the
Small Giottos Rocket Blaster to safely remove dust!