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Formatt Hitech Firecrest 82mm Graduated SOFT EDGE Neutral Density ND 0.3

  • $ 8990

  • Soft Edge
  • Made to Highest Technical Standards
  • Excellent Choice for HD Broadcasting
  • Optically Pure
  • High Quality Schott Glass

Formatt Hitech Firecrest ND Soft Edge Grad ND0.3

The Firecrest Soft Edge ND Grad uses Firecrest technology to create the worlds most neutral grad filter, and is the perfect complement to the Firecrest ND filters. Soft edge grads are versatile filters used to balance the luminosity of a bright sky with the terrain below. The soft edge makes it easy to place the filter in the scene, especially over undefined horizons (such as mountains). Firecrest ND is a revolutionary new type of ND filter from Formatt-Hitech. Rather than dyed resin, Firecrest is a rare earth metal coating used to create hyper neutral NDs. These circular ND filters are made from Schott Superwite glass and feature rotating, stackable 7.5mm SuperSlim rings. Firecrest ND filters are hydrophobic, anti-reflective and extremely flare resistant, which increases contrast and visual acuity in challenging lighting conditions.

Soft Edge graduated filters transition gradually in density from the top of the filtertoward the center, and although there is a horizon line, it is subtle. This allows for horizon transitions to be more easily hidden in a scene, especially with an undulating horizon line such as mountains, buildings or trees. Typically graduated filters are used to enhance the sky by balancingthe luminosity of the sky to the luminosity of the terrain.

Firecrest ND is a quantum leap improvement over all previous generation ND and IRND products and represents the technological state of the art in scientific light modification.These glass filters are hyper-neutral across the visible light spectrum and also remove more IR contamination than any other filter - making them IRND filters.

Firecrest is a radical departure in how ND filters are manufactured. Previous generation NDs were made by dying resin. Firecrest is not a dying process, itis a rare earth metalcoating process that is applied directly to the glass through an electrolytic process.

On rectangular filters, the Firecrest coating is sandwiched between the finest Schott Superwiteoptical glass, increasing scratch resistance and longevity. Firecrest reduces all spectrums of light (UV, visible, near infrared and infrared) almost perfectly evenly.

Another industry first with Firecrest is the development of IRND grads. Because Firecrest blocks both visible light and infrared radiation, all Firecrest NDs are considered IRNDs.Legacy graduated ND filters are manufactured from the traditional ND formulations originally developed for use with film and do not reduce infrared. Firecrest grads use the same Firecrest technology as their solid ND brothers. The result is a perfectly neutral graduated ND filter that pairs and stacks perfectly with even the highest densities of ND filter, and especially with other Firecrest & IRND filters.

We manufacture our high quality aluminum rings to the most demanding tolerances, and these exceptionally slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting.SuperSlim rotating rings are 7.5mm thin and have threads for stacking.


Soft Edge

Made to Highest Technical Standards

Excellent Choice for HD Broadcasting

Optically Pure

High Quality Schott Glass

Type: Graduated Neutral Density

Grade: 0.3

Filter Factor: 1-stop

Multi-Coated: 15 Layers

Rotating: Yes

Effect: Balanced light intensity from one part of a scene to another

Application: Nature, Travel, Outdoor photography; to maintain light control, as in bright contrasty landscapes; i.e. bright sky, dark foreground

Color Temperature: Not Applicable

Construction: SchottGlass

Front Filter Thread Size: 82mm