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Formatt Hitech Adapter Ring for 4 x 4" Filter Holder - 62mm - MPN: HT100FSA62

  • $ 2735

  • Made from machine crafted aluminum.
  • Designed for use on 62mm lenses
  • Designed to fit directly onto the camera lens

Formatt Hitech Adapter Ring for 4x4" Filter Holder - 62mm - MPN: HT100FSA62

This adapter ring fits the Hitech System 100 filter holders and also the older 94mm filter holders.

Using a filter holder rather than a circular screw-in filter allows you to make a single filter purchase that is used across a variety of lenses. 85mm filters are an excellent choice for small mirrorless camera systems such as Leica M and Micro Four Thirds systems, or DSLR users with small lenses. The 100mm system is an excellent all-round choice. 100mm filters are popular for DSLR photographers and DSLR cinematographers using larger, more expensive lenses. Typically, most solid filters are square. Graduated filters are rectangular to allow for vertical adjustment of the horizon.