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Formatt Hitech 100 x 125mm ND 0.9 Soft Reverse Graduated Filter - HT100NDRG0.9

  • $ 4995

  • Soft Edge Graduates from Dark to Light Towards Top
  • Opposite Effect of Regular Grad ND Gives More Sunrise/Set Exposure Control Balances Foreground to Horizon Use for Film or Digital Photography
  • Filters are 4 x 5" (100 x 125mm, 4mm thick)
  • Made in the UK on the most advanced computer-controlled manufacturing equipment in the industry.
  • High scratch resistance, low material fatigue, and chamfered corners to resist breakage so the filter will provide years of service

Formatt Hitech 100 x 125mm ND 0.9 Soft Reverse Graduated Filter - HT85NDRG0.9

The4 x 5" Reverse Neutral Density Graduated 0.9 FilterfromHitechis the way to go when you want to shoot a bright horizon line but want to maintainaccurate color balance between the horizon and foreground. Traditional graduated neutral density filterstransition from dark to light towards the bottom of the filter. However, by providing a reverse effect, the Hitech Reverse Grad allowsyou to capture the brilliance of the sunrise or sunset while maintaining a controlled and pleasing exposurein your foreground. The filter is clear in the lower half but, as mentioned, graduates from dark to light towards the top. This holds your foreground while "toning down"the horizon line and upper half of the image.

For the nature or landscape shooter, this is an ideal filter that can save what might ordinarily be an impossible shot to capture on film or digital. On traditional film, it can compensate for the limited film latitude you may be dealing with (the number of stops that can be accurately recorded).

Hitech filters are made from high-quality CR39 resin. The secret to Formatt's consistency in filter design lies in its unique "Absorbing Cell Technology" (A.C.T.); this unique process allows color correct dyes to be applied to optically pure, wafer thin absorbing cells and offers a controllability that ensures the smoothest grad lines and consistent color across the whole filter surface.

This filter is only available in a soft edge style. The transition will be gradual, subtle and even from horizon to the top of the filter.

Hitech filters are made by Formatt, a company with three generations of professional filter-making experience produces every filter to the highest technical standards. The finest materials, together with state of-the-art production technology have resulted in a standard of optical excellence unmatched anywhere else.

Type Reverse Graduated Filter
Size 4 x 5" (100 x 125mm, 4mm thick)
Grade 0.9 = 3 stops
Filter Factor Reduces ISO by 1/8
Multi-Coated Not Applicable
Rotating Not Applicable
Effect Has the reverse effect from a standard graduated ND filter; transitions from dark to light towards the top
Application Nature, scenic, outdoor photography; good for sunrise/sunset photography
Color Temperature No change
Construction CR39 resin
Front Filter Thread Size Not Applicable
Front Lens Cap Size Not Applicable