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DeluxeGear Lens Hood/Guard - Small - DGLGS - 2.5 to 3" (63.5mm -76.2mm) Slip-On

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The smallblack DeluxGear Lens Guard is a protective cap for lenses with anoutside barrel diameter of 2.5-3.0" (63-76mm), excluding a hood. Becauseof the Santoprene exterior, liquids will not damage your lens. Protect the lensfrom bumps and dings with the neoprene interior padding. The Lens Guard comeswith a built-in tether strap to keep it attached to the camera.

Fitslenses with outside barrel diameter of 2.5-3.0" (63-76mm), excluding hood

Built-intether strap attaches to the camera so you can't lose lens cap

Preventslenses from bumps or scrapes

Waterproofexterior keeps your lens safe from liquids


Interior: Closed-Cell Neoprene