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Cokin P112 Split Field +2 Filter in Protective Case - Fits P Series - CP112

  • $ 3495

  • Allows you to focus very close to a subject and retain the same clarity for the background.
  • By turning the filter you determine what is close and what is background.
  • Part of the Cokin P-series square-filter system
  • Includes protective case
  • Made in France

The Cokin Split-Field filters allow you to focus on very close objects and retain, at the same time, the clarity of the background and distance. Between the two, there is a slightly blurred zone which can be controlled if you compose with care. HINT: Insert the filter in the groove of the filter holder closest to the lens and put your camera on "Manual" if it is an autofocus model. As the depth of field is very small, it is best to set the aperture as small as possible. To use the Split-Field filter, focus on infinity and obtain clarity of the close-up subject by moving the camera forward or back.