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Cokin P Series Black & White - Yellow / Orange / Red / Green - Resin Filter Kit

  • $ 4190
  • Save $ 43

  • Increase Contrast for Black & White images
  • Manufactured with C39 Optical Resin
  • Great for Landscapes and Portraits
  • Includes 4 Colored Filters

This Cokin P Series Filter Kit contains four filters that can be used individually to improve the results of your black and white photography. The included filters consist of a yellow filter, an orange filter, a red filter and a green filter. Each filter can be used to increase image contrast between colors within a scene that match or are analogous to the filter's color versus colors within a scene that are complementary to filter's color. Additionally, the green filter helps to effectively separate various hues among green-colored subjects into black-and-white tones.

To allow these filters to be placed in front of a lens, a separately-available Cokin P Series filter holder and a Cokin P Series lens adapter ring are required. Each filter is made of durable, optical resin (CR39) and measures 84 x 84 x 1.6mm.

P001 Yellow Resin Filter for Black & White Film

P002 Orange Resin Filter for Black & White Film 

P003 Red Resin Filter for Black & White Film 

P Series Green 0.8 Filter (2.6 Stop) 

Filters measures 85 x 85mm and fits the Cokin P series holder.