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Cokin BZ100A Z Pro Series Filter Holder

Cokin BZ100A Z Pro Series Filter Holder

  • $ 5290
  • Save $ 97

  • Light-weight filter holder
  • Holds Up To 3 Square or Rectangular Filters
  • Holds 100mm wide filters
  • Requires Lens Adapter ring
  • AKA as L-Series Filter Holder (L is for Large)

The Cokin Z-pro series filter holder allows photographers to attach up to 3 square or rectangular filters depending on the creative effect they are trying to achieve. For example, it is common for photographers to use a straight neutral density filter like a 3-stop to control the motion blur of a waterfall then combine it with a 2-stop Graduated Neutral Density to control the detail in the sky. The end result is a beautifully captured single exposure.

  • Another great feature foR the Z-pro holder is that the filter slots can be reduced from 3 slots to 1 slot. This helps with vignetting when you are using the holder on lenses wider than an 18mm lens on a full-frame camera.

  • Widest Lens with (3) filter slots18mm

  • Widest Lens with (1) filter slot16mm

  • Compatible Circular Polarizer Z164

  • Compatible Adapter Rings Z-pro Series rings