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Cokin CBP400A P-Series Filter Holder

  • $ 1090
  • Save $ 13

  • Light-weight Original P-series filter holder
  • Holds Up To 3 Square or Rectangular Filters
  • Works with 84mm wide filters
  • Requires Lens Adapter ring
  • AKA the M Series which stands for Medium

Cokin P Series Filter Holder - **ADAPTER RINGS NOT INCLUDED**

TheCokin Creative Filter Systemconsists of a rectangular plastic filter holder with four slots (one for Cokin rotating filters and three for rectangular ones), a variety of optional adapter rings which click into place and rotate, and many optical resin filters.

There are two Cokin sizes, "A" & "P". The "A" series is adequate for 35mm cameras and camcorders and fits filter sizes from 36-62mm. The "P" series covers diameters from 48-82mm and is generally preferred for everything, particularly wide angle lenses. Over 100 filters and a wide range of accessories are available for each system, i.e. modular lens hoods, lens caps, and storage boxes.