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BlackRapid SnapR 10 Bag + Sling + Wrist Strap System MPN: RPB-2BB

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The blackSnapR 10 Bag / StrapfromBlack Rapidis a unique concept for carrying around and using your point and shoot camera. This system combines a bag, sling and hand strap and provides you with a reliable and safe way to always have your camera at the ready.

The ballistic nylon bag is designed to hold a small point and shoot camera measuring 5.0 x 3.0 x 1.0" (12.7 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm). In addition to the camera, you can alsostash your cell phone safely within the touch fastened bag. You can even throw in a battery,memory card or keys.

With its innovative three-way functionality, you now have a bag, sling-style strap and hand strap all in one. Each component can be used individually or together. In any combination,your camerawill be securely attached to the strap removing any concern about it slipping and falling. When you want to shoot, merely open the bag, slide the camera up the strap to eye level and shoot. If you don't want touse the bag, use the strapsling-style to restthe cameraacross your body where it's held upside down and slide it up the strap when you're ready to shoot. If you just need a hand strap, you've got a strong one. Of course, the entire system stores within the bag when you're traveling or for convenient storage at home. The SnapR 10 Bag / Strap comes complete with everything you need including connection hardware.

The FastenR permits you to connect the Black Rapid R-Strap to the tripod socket of your camera or lens. When attached, this permits the camera to rest upside down on your hip. The lens will be pointing behind you. When you want to take a picture, hold the camera, slide it up the strap and shoot.

Camera glides from bag to shooting position

No worry of dropping or forgetting camera

3 in 1: bag + sling strap + hand strap

Use all 3 together or independently

Inside pocket for phone, accessories

Wrap style pocket with secure touch fastened enclosure

  • Fits Cameras Up to 5 x 3 x 1"

  • 3-In-One System: Bag, Sling, Hand Strap

  • Camera Rides Up Strap to Shoot Position

  • Camera Hangs Upside Down on Strap

  • Strap Prevents Camera From Falling

  • Bag Contains Pocket for Phone

  • Secure Touch Fastened Closure on Bag

  • Made From Ballistic Nylon